(I quite the idea of a marbled paper looking thing) Marbled Surface Pattern - soft chalky pastel colours; design inspiration (like the organic look of this)

juh ore duh anne

juh ore duh anne by Gloria Supatra Bhargavaa collage artist based in Bangkok (kids of Dada)


Botanical Beauty :: Plants :: Cacti :: Nature :: Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Garden Decor + Style Inspiration

Dolphin Dive by Wayne Levin #Dolphin #Wayne_Levin

Swim with dolphins. I swam with dolphins at a sea life park but want to swim with them in the ocean.

Celebrate /

DIY light columns for an pool-side outdoor wedding reception. It would be cool to put LED lights in the balls/balloons in the pool too!

Norwegian Wave

This picture describes glamour of a windy day in Norway. The wind flows over a wheat field. Another awesome picture which showing the beauty of nature.

I dreamt

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Arabesque Window by Nathan Schmidt (in a mosque in Cairo, Egypt) Ursula Rowena Carlton Interior Design's The Big Picture / 125 Years of National Geographic (view the full set of 23 amazing photos here:

125 Years of National Geographic

Tanzania, A touching moment between primatologist and National Geographic grantee Jane Goodall and young chimpanzee Flint at Tanzania's Gombe Stream Reserve. (Photo by Hugo van Lawick via National Geographic)

Frank Haseler - 1963

Sarah Pinyan posted Love in 1963 - Frank Haseler to her -nice signs- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

by Johann Karlsson

Gulf of Alaska - where two oceans meet but do not mix. Fresh water glaciers and the oceans salt water have different densities.