singing same song for baby’s bath as dog’s shower, creepy dog eyes

This makes me laugh. First time mom dog is not amused.

NOTHING has made me laugh this much!

Doggie Car Window Fun

Doggie Car Window Fun I totally laughed out loud!

I love dogs

Forgetting how to dog.

Dogs Who Forgot How To dog. I laughed wayyy too hard about the treat one lol

Meet the Naughtiest Dogs of 2014 - these cracked me up! It could partially be my lack of sleep right now but please enjoy :) (sorry for the few inappropriate ones)

So, so hilarious: Meet the Naughtiest Dogs of 2015 ❤


Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 24 Pics

We all have that one friend husky

Whisper App.

My dog just got out of his bed, walked about 3 feet, and turned around and went back to bed I've never related to anything

German Shepherds

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do long:)

Never sprained or broken anything vital, because I do nothing. Marathon runner/sport fiend friend is always injured!