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Springtime Science with Seeds

Cute kids DIY idea! Chia pet pictures of the kids!----they can make their own plants


I can use this song to introduce the scientific method to my students. We can listen to it each day to get the class started. AS


Snowman in a bottle

The snowman in a bottle is a simple science exploration of melting snow. Since science in early childhood education is all about building vocabulary as well as exploring new processes, the snowman in a bottle is an inviting process to introduce words such as cold, warm, snow, snowman, melt, solid, liquid, and time…


Dancing Frankenworms

Awesome Kids Science. Make gummy worms dance!! Perfect for Halloween, a rainy day or anytime you're in the mood for some seriously cool science.


STEM Activity Challenge: Build a Tower with Toothpicks

TERRIFIC STEM challenge! Build a tower as tall as you can using only two supplies!

Amazing Pumpkin unit has EVERYTHING pumpkin (science, literacy, music, art, dramatic play, math, etc). Check it out!