Princesses- except Mulan.

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Strong women in Disney.I'm not a big Disney princess person but that doesn't mean there aren't some good role models there.

Disney Heroines + meaning of their names

Disney Heroines + meaning of their names<<< also since lettuce means never give up. They changed her original name from rampion, a type of lettuce her mom needed to give birth!

True hahaha

When no one gets my references…

Standing there wasting my oxygen, when no one gets my movie references, uncultered swine, toy story

Emperor's New Groove; never noticed this before lol

27 Disney Jokes That Are Seriously Clever And Funny Emperors New Groove; never noticed this before lol

What is it with Disney guys looking at the girl when she's not looking?

Tarzan and I've pinned this image before and likely will again. The way that Tarzan looks at Jane is one of the hottest things Disney has put in their movies.

Made by bekah.s. true disney.

Don't forget zootopia "Life isn't a movie where you dreams come true so. LET IT GO! XD I laughed soooo hard when I saw these movies

Disney Princess with their princess ogling over them

Disney - The look. It totally counts you get a good look at that man Mulan!

Aristocats - great stuff! She's so wonderful ❤️

"Madame/Adelaide: former Opera prima donna, cat lady, fabulous boss." This is the kind of crazy cat lady I want to be when I grow old.

this is perfect

I love this movie so much. Disney or no Disney, Anastasia was apart of my childhood princess obsession. And I'm still obsessed with this movie, it's amazing.

Thought this belonged to here... DIDNEY WORL?!?!? - 300Pics

I should not be laughing so hard. But this is so what would happin if we were going to disneyworld<<<< did you mean disney worl?