"I'm more than just a piece in their games."

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Peeta's perspective.

Favorite, favorite quote in the movie that was in fact not in the book! I just shows Peeta's whole train of thought to save Katniss.

The Catching Fire Victors InfoGraphic

I have not read the Hunger Games, but this sure is perfect invitation! The Anatomy of Panem - Hunger Games: Catching Fire [Infographic]

These are lyrics from Atlas by Coldplay on the catching fire soundtrack.

These are lyrics from Atlas by Coldplay on the catching fire soundtrack! You really check the song out if you haven't>>>>>>>> the song is amazing. I bought it like a month before the movie came out and it perfectly fits the books

For those of you who read Mockingjay, you know what this part is. Oh Prim!

From Mockingjay. Because for just a moment, she catches sight of me, her lips form my name. And that's when the rest of the parachutes go off.

Hunger Games Tribute Workout

Hunger Games Tribute Workout - This site seems pretty awesome, tons of highly visual and themed workouts that require no equipment and are for all levels of fitness.

Catching Fire Character Potrait – Katniss Everdeen.

'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Portraits: Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) This series is amazing literary speaking but the costume designs for the movies are SPECTACULAR!

Lego Hunger games characters!

Oh my gosh, they have Hunger Games legos.but why does Katniss look like Coach Beiste from Glee? But Katniss needs long hair. OMG they should have Effie Legos! Different costumes and big hair :D


Josh Hutcherson rocks a new haircut and a sleek bowtie at the White House Correspondent's Dinner

Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars- The Hunger Games soundtrack. Best song ever.