Please do because those who have no ambition, nor those who do not strive to obtain the far reaches of life shall never get far in life and shal never find the balance between reality and imaginary. -EJW

~ home h o m e what is a home anyways I think it can be a person or a place because it's more of a f e e l i n g


*Daydreaming*Soul Searching*Trying New Things*Traveling*Crypto*Medicine*Restaurant(ing)*Arts & Crafts*Sleeping In*Cooking & Baking*Interior Design*The Midwest*Music*Reality Television*Being...

my name is molly. i am the kind of girl that never does anything without heart. i am indecisive on most things, including which of the four seasons i enjoy the most, and anything that has anything to...

Living in a big city, it’s easy to get disillusioned or disenfranchised. I mean, some folks feel like a constant stream of mind-numbingly stupid advertising is occasionally annoying. Others find it easy to ignore. But then there are those of…

Well, closed than.. ehhh.. open. Ohh no, closed.. tssss ooopen again. No. Dancing all year long. Open and closed. On and off. In and out. Warm again. And now it's freezing. Use that knife. That's the only way we can go.