10 free fingerless gloves patterns. free knitting patterns. Quick and easy Christmas gift idea!

10 Free Fingerless Glove Knitting Patterns For Fall. Perfect for keeping your hands warm, or as a last minute Christmas gift idea!

pattern for a very versatile and drapey cardigan, seamless, with a large collar and gathered cuffs.

Pole pattern by Joji Locatelli

I don't knit sweaters.but I want to knit this sweater! So many ways to wear it - check out the page of project images, the brown sweater with 24 photos of different arrangements of it.what yarn should I use.

Garter stitch swingy sweater by ~ free pattern. Idea: make one or two loops at top for securing your favorite shawl pins.

10 FREE Sock Patterns for Beginners! Easy patterns to make your way into the world of sock knitting.

10 Free Sock Patterns for Beginners. Free knitting patterns for anyone looking to start knitting socks.

Thirsty Rose, child's sweater, by Carol Feller. I would love to do this in a solid grey with a wooden button. Soooo cuuute! :)

sketchbook's Thirsty Rose

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These are so cute. I plan to make these in the next couple of years for her so that her hands can be warm in Charleston during the couple of days that it is actually cold down there. Ha ha. I know her fingers may not need to be covered so these will work well when she's about three years old.

Ive got to try this! The wristlets are the very ends of the sweater sleeves. I just cut them to length, gave them a thumbhole, and finished them with blanket stitching and some vintage buttons.

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. This will be the winter knitting project... Now to acquire the perfect yarn. Anyone have any good, affordable sources?

Guernsey Wrap rectangle shawl pattern by Jared Flood (knitting, shawls, wraps, brooklyn tweed)

way cool sweater to knit

Levenwick pattern by Gudrun Johnston