Blooming Buds
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I love the geometric figures and the universe holding it up

Great sci-fi looking design! The mixture of space and geometry is nicely done./// I like how this illustration really has that space type feel.

Cartographic Polyrhythms (5) by Emma McNally

theantidote: “ Cartographic Polyrhythms Emma McNally digital hybrid from drawing (graphite/carbon on paper) ‘Below the level of the musical note lies the realm of microsound, of sound particles.

Julio Le Parc Soleil Froid @ Palais de Tokyo - Paris

Julio Le Parc Soleil Froid @ Palais de Tokyo - Paris,,, of liiites and angels

my chaos is my order

{{shame I don't know the artist, but I enjoy these types of artworks a lo,t because I see them as relating to nature, the solar system, everything connects and it's messy but extremely beautiful (gab) }}:

Data visualization particles

Elektronosphere - experiment with attraction/repulsion Recommended view: original version