10 reasons to ditch dairy #vegan

6 Cruelty Free And Vegan Sunscreen For Healthy Skin This Summer!

Fueling your body with animal products is like putting used, dirty, oil in your car. When you could go to the source of nutrients from plants and nuture your body-vehicle with clean fuel.

newyorkvegan: “ And people say that veganism doesn’t affect anything. Go vegan! ”

Positive effects of being vegan for one year. There is so much animal suffering involved in factory farming. And cattle emit great amounts of methane, causing global warming. Let's save the planet and also end animal abuse.

I actually hate peas (I always have), so it's tofu, black beans, lentils, and broccoli for me.

And beans and tofu and nuts and nut butters and broccoli and tempeh and quinoa. Haters, please come hang with us so we can teach you our ways!

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This couldn't be more true. People are so close minded to the fact that veganism doesn't include eating just lettuce all day or having tofu with every meal (in fact I don't even like tofu) so there you go.

restaurant options ... need a drink while you watch everyone mauling on animal parts and secretions.... clueless as I once was... waking up to reality

need a drink while you watch everyone mauling on animal parts and secretions. clueless as I once was. waking up to reality

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Is a plant-based diet "extreme"? I am such a carnivore, don't think a plant based diet is extreme, and think I too am going to switch one of these fine days (hopefully before it's too late!

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