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Faces of Calgary

A photo project taken on by MRU journalism students, inspired by the Humans of New York project ( These are the people of your city and their stories. Share your photos and stories using #YYCFaces

Faces of Calgary

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“My children would have never gotten the education they did if we had not moved here,” said Sum Wong, who left a warring country in search of a new home. “I love the weather in Canada. Once you get used to the cold, this great country becomes perfect.” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB #chinatown (Translation by Michael Chan, Photograph by Danny Luong and Michael Chan)

“The love and respect from the people around the city is what I love most,” Rosetta Lee said, who moved from Vancouver to Calgary to open Try Again Beverage’s House. “Calgary has a very different personality compared to other cities like Vancouver and Toronto; it is peaceful here.” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB #Chinatown (Translation by Michael Chan, Photograph by Danny Luong and Michael Chan)

Ten-year-old Madi Pott has been going to hockey games with her dad ever since she was born. They are proud Calgary Flames fans. “Even if we didn’t live in Calgary, we would still support the Flames.” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Melanie Walsh)

“The freedom,” said Henry Chan, who left his home of Chaozhou, China because of repression. “That is why I came here; and also for my children to have a good education.” “The people here are very loving and helpful,” Chan said. “You just don’t get that everywhere.” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB #Chinatown (Translation by Michael Chan, Photograph by Danny Luong and Michael Chan)

Sobhy Hajji was born in Ireland and lived in California for 12 years. He says he likes that Calgary is very Americanized, which made the transition to life in Canada easier and the community more enjoyable. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Kate Holowaty)

Abrahim Habib moved to Calgary with his family from Iraq and Lebanon more than 20 years ago. They just opened a restaurant, Charisma Mediterranean Eatery, and Habib says they’re getting a lot of support from the neighbourhood. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Kate Holowaty)

“This is an amazing city that has so much to offer, especially for a photographer,” Steve Dutcheshen says. Dutcheshen lives in Calgary with his wife, two cats and an English bulldog. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Skye Anderson)

“There’s lots to do (in Calgary),” Yvonne Eggebrecht says at the park with son her Jack. “We like swimming so we go to the Vecova (Centre for Disability Services and Research).” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Melissa Kadey)

Doug (left) and TJ (right) Anderson are huge supporters of Calgary charities, attending various events around the city. The YYCharity masquerade fundraiser is where they helped raise awareness and support for Pulmonary Hypertension, Calgary Health Trust and Leukemia/Lymphoma. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Skye Anderson)

John Ink, a retired civil engineer, lives about a five-minute walk away from Calgary’s picturesque South Glenmore Park. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Caroline Fyvie)

“I love Calgary, everything about it,” says Sharon Chaw, pictured second from the left wearing a striped shirt. “The white people here are so nice and helpful. Even though I have been here for what seems like forever now, my English is still terrible. But people seem to always try their best to understand what I am saying and take their time with me.” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Ariel Guimond)

Rick Smith comes to South Glenmore Park fairly often to canoe, play with his grandson or read. One thing he enjoys about Calgary is the recreational facilities, which he says he hopes the city will maintain. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Allison Badger)

Siblings Talore (right) and Eric Peterson (left) love to enjoy the outdoors. Eric says the abundance of green space and being so close to the mountains is one of the main reasons he likes Calgary. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Andrea Mihalik)

Bill Picken and his family have called Calgary home for generations. He says his antiques shop – Heirlooms: Antiques Calgary – serves as his largest passion in life, other than his wife, Bente. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Nicholas Aviles)

James Bell, a new resident of Calgary, walks his father’s dogs on a Monday afternoon through the Southland Dog Park. Bell moved from Ontario and has only been here for six months, and says he believes there should be more bike paths. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Jessica Brady)

“Calgary is so close to so many different landscapes,” says Toni Wietgrefe, a 22-year-old legal assistant living in S.E. Calgary. “I have the mountains on one side and everything in between.” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Ariel Guimond)

Joe Campbell speaks at Calgary’s annual Take Back the Night march on Sept. 20 in Connaught Park. Campbell, a sexual assault educator with Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse, runs an education program educating boys and men about the role they play in ending violence against women. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Amara McLaughlin)

Helping guests and smiling all day at the Marriott can be tiresome, which is why Charles Dundas often comes to Prince’s Island Park to relax. From Toronto to Edmonton and now Calgary, he finds the overall energy of this city more positive than most places he has lived in. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Allison Badger)

“Some of my family was excited I was moving to Canada,” Zena Beth Smith says. “Some of them were a little apprehensive.” Originally from Arizona, Smith’s decision to relocate to Canada came a year ago when she married a native Calgarian she met in her hometown. “I love the Midwest and the States,” Smith says. “But I like Calgary a whole lot more than I thought I was going to.” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Madison Farkas)

“I’m not a great gardener,” Wilson Wong admits with a grin. In fact, he inherited most of the plants in his large garden when he moved into his house, and has spent a lot of time trying to keep them under control. “I’ve been maintaining it,” Wong says. “Some just started growing this year. I’m thinking it’s because of all the water -- we’ve had a lot of rain.” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Madison Farkas)

Many residents in the neighbourhood of Montgomery were evacuated because of the June floods. Montgomery Community Association president Marilyn Wannamaker was ecstatic to see her neighbours come together in September to put together a new playground for the community. “I’d really like the city to hold onto the spirit of togetherness,” Wannamaker said. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Devyn Ens)

“What’s up with Calgary being unaccepting to bikers?” Lindsay Sorell asks. A 23-year-old artist, Sorell pedals downtown Calgary streets while commuting to work. #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Amanda Taylor)

Ian Panganiban is a SAIT Polytechnic grad who moved to Calgary four years ago from the Philippines. “I want to see jugglers, I want to see a horse and carriage at the park, I want to see people with open minded sexuality,” Panganiban laughs. “I want liberation of sexuality, Calgary needs a brothel.” After completing an internship in Toronto he says, “I’m happy to be back, Calgary is clean!” #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Ato Baako)

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“Nobody steals from one another (in Calgary),” Kent Reid says. “There's no dumpster diving — it's just a really a nice place". #YYCFaces #YYC #Calgary #AB (Photograph by Sasha Semenoff)