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Drahtgeschichten, wire & fabric collage - these wire pictures just might become my summer craft 'thing' :) .

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Mariapia Gambino : Creations of papier machè by Mariapia Gambino/Crea...

Mariapia Gambino : Creations of papier machè by Mariapia Gambino/Crea.

Poor little Leonore, by black eyed suzie

How to make paper mache dolls. How to make paper mache dolls head. How to make paper mache dolls. How to make paper mache catrina dolls.


Her head, torso and lower limbs were sculpted of polymer clay (Sculpey.) Her upper limbs are made from pipe-cleaners, which have been wrapped with fabric. I then sew the clothes directly onto her body, paint the features and attach her wig

Im so happy with Julieta, she is exactly like I wanted her to be, like I dreamed her.    She has a soft body with air dry clay and hand dyed cotton for the head and dress (All natural pigments) She is 11Tall (28cm) from hat to feets. She cant stand, it´s a decorative delicate doll and of course, she cames with her cat.    Her dress is not removable and its hand sewn. I don´t use molds so each doll is always unique.    Thanks for visiting Petuqui.

Julieta Art doll ceramic figure textil art mix media by Petuqui

This is the Cabin Lit Chandelier. Ive used 3 Grade A Antler sheds that have been securely bonded and wrapped using Rustic metal twine for aesthetics. Ive ran the electrical cord through the antlers and used a Antique Brass Socket. The best part about the light is that every angle has its own look making this a truly unique piece! The rope connects to our signature rusted steel canopy. Each canopies rust pattern will vary I can supply enough rope to have hang from any ceiling height, just…

The Cabin Lit Chandelier - Antler Shed Pendant - Rope Light - Hanging Accent light -Ceiling light - Antler lamp Rustic Statement Light