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    Colorful Hair From Blonde to Purple

    Hair that would make Rainbow Brite smile, in every shade under the sun.
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    Hey, I found my twin! You rock that look, sweetie, you look great! (via Buzzfeed)

    13 Fantastic Candy Colored Hairstyles Spotted At Fashion Week

    I'd be pissy too if my choker necklace was trying to choke me literally. Love the hair color and those funky gloves, though.

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    The fuchsia hair is awesome, the skull hairband is awesome, the sweater is hellmichigan with it, give me the whole thing!

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    Alright, who gave this girl with the gorgeous red-on-black-hair a pair of shiners? No, the eyes, not the gloves! I want those porthole gloves!

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    There's something about bright hair on a dark background that makes the hairdo even more striking. This yellow mane is proof of that.

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    I have been told a few times that I look like Kelly Osbourne. No complaints from me, she has a similar wild style that I do. We seem to be hair twins too.

    Which Celebrity Has the Coolest Wild Hair Color?

    What's cuter, the hairdo or the purple sreaky bangs. Both, the answer is BOTH!

    Stylish Punk Hair Color Ideas

    Hair says New Tens, outfit says '90s. No rain, indeed.

    neon dip dye | SheSaidBeauty

    *drools over the numerous cascades of purple prettiness*

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    "Yes, my hair matches my eyes. What of it?"

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    Even hippies can't resist a nice green dip dye hairdo, especially with a friendship bracelet headband!

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    I had black-on-red hair in college, but her hair looked WAY better than mine did. Hers looks awesome!

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    "HELP! My teal streaks are trying to escape my head!!!"

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    "My hair matches my eyes, and it is AWESOME!"

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    Colorful curls in a plethora of green! Goes great with the sunflower tube top!

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    Who says natural curly hair can't be dyed? She rocks it! Also, those poor, poor jeans...

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    Wynonna Judd: The Teenage Years. (Miki Gossett Collection)

    Miki Gossett Collection

    Silver blonde and black hair, looking great outside of Halloween! (Destinian Image)

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    It's purple ombre hair in reverse! Does anyone else think the girl kinda looks like Kelly Osbourne?


    Speaking of hair that looks like it was cut with lasers, this. She looks likes the cover model of a long-forgotten 1980s Eurodisco album. Love the dye job, though.

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    "Were'd my hairstylist go? She ran to the bathroom and never came back!"

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    Were her bangs cut with a laser? Also, orange lipstick!

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    "Help me, I can't see! Also, my necklace is caught on my ear and nose! HELP!" Love the hair dye color combo though.("#CyberPunk Hacker" by Vic Piccolotto)

    #CyberPunk Hacker by Vic Piccolotto

    Purple, purple and more purple! YES!!! (Mad Hatter by Sharon Dow)

    Mad Hatter by Sharon Dow

    FTOP: "Elena Bogdanets of Canada wows with this fabulous color design. We also heart the matchy-matchy hair and eye shades - something that looks extraordinary when a creative color is involved. Photog: Lucy Literna; MUA: Julia Adamenko". Normally I'm not a fan of grey and yellow together, but this works.

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