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    Americana Music Show Episodes

    Interviews and music from bands and singers making hand-picked, road tested, american music. Think americana, roots, rock, blues, soul, and country.

    Americana Music Show Episodes

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    Ep268 - Tokyo Rosenthal - Tokyo Rosenthal plays tracks for Afterlife and talks about his Cold War veteran status, his deep south tour, and his music variety show. In this week’s episode I’ve got the new country/blues album from Jim Lauderdale. I’ve got more from that Turnpike Troubadours album. More roadhouse blues from Kevin Gordon. I’ve also got new rock & roll from Nocona, Blitzen Trapper, Bottle Rockets, and Michael Rank.

    Tokyo Rosenthal does the Johnny Cash show thing (Ep268) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep267 - Randall Bramblett - Randall Bramblett plays tracks from Devil Music & talks about the bottom end loops, ambient noises, & strange sounds he uses in his modern music. I’ve got the new country rock album from the Turnpike Troubadours. I’ve also got the new Don Henley Americana album. Plus we’ve got album from two rootsy North Carolina bands not to mention cowpunk from Nocona, bluegrass from the Welfare Liners, and rock from Blitzen Trapper.

    Randall Bramblett brings southern music into modern times (Ep267) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep266 - Shemekia Copeland - Shemekia Copeland plays tracks from Outskirts Of Love & talks about learning the business from her father & listening to country music in Harlem. I’ve got the new west Texas twangy album from Joe Ely. I’ve got that new beautiful album from Patty Griffin. New rock & roll from Michael Rank & Heather McEntire. I’ve also got bluegrass from the Welfare Liners, rock from Red Sammy, Roadhouse blues from Kevin Gordon and Buddy Guy, and soul from Leon Bridges.

    Shemekia Copeland sings about what’s going on (Ep266) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep265 - Whitney Rose - Whitney Rose plays tracks from Heartbreaker Of The Year and talks about her gypsy spirit, listening to her grandparents music, and working with Raul Malo. Also on this episode, I’ve got the new album from Kevin Gordon and it’s fantastic. I’ve also got some amazing twangy and beautiful rock & roll from Michael Rank and Heather McEntire. I’ve also got new music from The Pollies, Randall Bramblett, Jason Boland, Shemekia Copeland, the Bottle Rockets, and the Legendary Shack

    Whitney Rose learns to be a “musician to the bone” (Ep265) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep264 - Milagro Saints - The Milagro Saints play tracks from Tupelo and talk about their American Mythology, Woody Guthrie’s influence, and the importance of stupid banter. This week I’ve got the new alums from Sam Morrow and Randall Bramblett. Plus I’ve got new music from the Rayburn Brothers Band, The Legendary Shack Shakers, Lance Canales, Shemekia Copeland, Amy Helm, and Edward David Anderson all on this special two hour episode of the show.

    Milagro Saints create their own American mythology (Ep264) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep263 - Pete Berwick - Pete Berwick plays tracks from the Legend Of Tyler Doohan and talks about his very first band, DIY producing, and how to be in it for the long haul. This week I’m psyched to bring you the new album from The Legendary Shack Shakers. You’re gonna love it. Also I’ve new rock & roll from the Surreal McCoys, Michael O’Connor, and Lance Canales. I’ve got soul from R&B from Leon Bridges, folk from The Farewells, and Blues from Buddy Guy with help from Van Morrison. It’s a jam pa

    Pete Berwick writes some legendary story songs

    Ep262 - Barrence Whitfield & The Savages - Barrence Whitfield plays tracks from Under The Savage Sky, talks about the band’s history, listening to obscure R&B, & giving kids a musical karate chop to the head.. This week I’m happy to bring you new music from Shemekia Copeland, Pie Eyed Pete, Amy Helm, Pete Berwick, and Tokyo Rosenthal. I’ve also got more good music from Colin Lake, D.L. Marble, Leon Bridges, Whitney Rose, Jason James, the Milagro Saints, and much more on this two hour episode

    Barrence Whitfield gives the kids a musical karate chop to the head (Ep262) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep261 - Erin Coburn - Erin Coburn plays tracks from Chaos Before Conformity and talks about playing the blues, winning the Pinetop Perkins scholarship, and fistbumping Morgan Freeman. I’ve got the new album from The Milagro Saints and the new album from Leon Bridges this week. I’m also going to play for you more new music from Rod Picott, Barrence Whitfield, Langhorne Slim, Shelby Lynne, Joe West & The Sinners and a whole lot more on this two hour episode of the show.

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    Ep260 - Tom Rhodes - Tom Rhodes plays tracks from With Or Without & talks about his nontraditional podcast, playing among redwoods, & the unique way he recorded the album. This week I’m excited to share with you the new albums from Buddy Guy, Rod Picott, The Tallent Brothers, Barrence Whitfield, and Whitney Rose. I’ve also got more new music from The Cerny Brothers, Jason Isbell, Bumper Jacksons, and Shelby Lynne on this special two hour episode of the show.

    Tom Rhodes captures live performance & real conversations (Ep260) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep259 - Ike Reilly - Ike Reilly plays tracks from Born On Fire, talks about getting lost in a small town, the persistent rumors about him running for mayor, and the gray area between labor and management. Also on this episode, I’ve got new albums from Shelby Lynne and Langhorne Slim, plus new music from Rod Picott, Bumper Jacksons, Anderson East, Jon Cleary, and Sugarcane Jane on this two hour episode of the show.

    Ike Reilly wants to get a job like that (Ep259)

    Ep258 - Kevin Sekhani - Kevin Sekhani plays tracks from Day Ain’t Done and talks about returning to his home of Lafayette to write songs about the hard working people there. I’ve also got the brand new album from Langhorne Slim and new music from Jon Cleary, Anderson East, Brent Best, The Cerny Brothers and The Statesboro Revue. I’ve also got more tracks from jason Isbell, Crow Canyon, Daniel Romano, and a whole lot more on this two hour episode.

    Kevin Sekhani returns to his hard-working roots in Lafayette (Ep258) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep257 - The Grahams - Alyssa and Doug Graham play tracks from Glory Bound and talk about finding a connection with Woody Guthrie by train and their documentary film with Cody Dickinson I’ve also got another track from that new Jason Isbell album. I’ve also got new country from Daniel Romano, and folk rock from Sugarcane Jane. I’ve got more tracks from Amy Black, Bow Thayer, Dale Watson, and Cory Branan in this two hour episode.

    The Grahams connect with Woody Guthrie by train (Ep257) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep256 - Dale Watson - Dale Watson plays tracks from Call Me Insane and drives down I-35 while talking about Lloyd Maines, covering Tony Joe White, and his Jimmy Kimmel gig. I’ve also got the new album from Jason Isbell and it’s fantastic. I’m also real excited to share with you the Bow Thayer jam band album and the new cajun honky-tonk album from Kevin Sekhani. I’ve also got more tracks from Amy Black, Shinyribs, and Eilen Jewell. And finally I’ve got a very old recording of Lead Belly.

    Dale Watson supports his trucking habit by playing music (Ep256) - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep255 - Beth McKee - Beth McKee plays tracks from Sugarcane Revival, tells the stories behind her songs, and talks about “troubling the waters” with her “swamp sistas.” This episode also features new country music from Kacey Musgraves, soul from Amy Black, rock from the Plott Hounds, ameripolitan music from Dale Watson, blues from the Kentucky Headhunters, folk from Malcolm Holcombe and much more on this special two hour episode of the show.

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    Ep254 - Ray Wylie Hubbard - Ray Wylie Hubbard shares tracks from Ruffian’s Misfortune, tells a story about Mother Hubbard, and talks about “grit, groove, tone, and taste.” Also on this episode, new Muscle Shoals soul music from Amy Black, new rock & roll from the Plott Hounds, new indie rock from Ocean Carolina, and hillbilly boogie from Woody Pines.

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    Ep253 - Jimmy LaFave - Jimmy LaFave plays tracks from The Night Tribe and talks about the origins of that band name, his open mic pet peeves and the early Red Dirt Music scene. Also on this episode, I’ve got the new soul album from Amy Black, the new Hot Texas Swing Band, rock & roll from Ryan Bingham. twangy rock from Shinyribs, jump blues from Eight O’Five Jive, and indie rock from Ike Reilly.

    Ep253 Jimmy LaFave finds his tribe - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep252 - Mandolin Orane - Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz of Mandolin Orange play tracks from Such Jubilee and talk about the themes in the new album and supporting other musicians. Also on this week’s episode, new twangy music from Shinyribs, roadhouse blues from the Kentucky Headhunters, a new album from the Hot Texas Swing Band, folk from Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams, more from the knock-out Beth-McKee album, lo-fi blues from Left Lane Cruiser, string band music from Woody Pines

    Ep252 Mandolin Orange dodge their wrecking ball - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep251 - Doc Fell - Doc Fell plays tracks from Scissor Tail, talks about music as a social & community activity, and paints a picture of life in Tahlequah. OK. Also on this episode I’m excited to share with you the new indie rock album from Ike Reilly and the new funky twangy album from Shinyribs. I’ve also got some new garage rock from the Zombie Garden Club, another track from that knock out Beth McKee album, new lo-fi electric blues from the Left Lane Cruiser, and a new stringband track from

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    Ep250 - Dayna Kurtz - Dayna Kurtz plays tracks from Rise And Fall, talks about writing as if she were on staff at Stax covering Bobby Charles, and shares her “Dan Penn” song. Also on this episode, new music from Dale Watson, the Deslondes, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Beth McKee. I’ve got another track from that knock out Eilen Jewell album, some R&B from Alabama Shakes, and new blues from the Kentucky Headhunters.

    Ep250 Dayna Kurtz finds her country soul

    Ep249 - Jimbo Mathus - Jimbo Mathus plays tracks from Blue Healer and talks about learning the mandolin as a child, his rock & roll career post- Squirrel Nut Zippers, and the origin of the blues. Also on this episode, I’ve got the new Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard album. I’ve got some jump blues from Woody Pines. Another track from that knock out Eilen Jewell album. I’ve got a very timely song from that new Dale Watson album, more honky-tonk from Whitey Morgan

    Ep249 Jimbo Mathus gets a visit from the blues - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep248 - Eight O'Five Jive - Lee Shropshire from Eight O’Five Jive plays tracks from Too Many Men, and talks about their journey into jump blues and being inspired by Ruth Brown. I’ve also got the new blues album from Eilen Jewell and the new country album from Christian Lopez. I’ll be playing another cut from that new Alabama Shakes album and Whitey Morgan covering a classic country song. Plus a whole lot more on this two hour episode.

    Ep248 Eight O’Five Jive finds some jump and attitude - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep247 - Eilen Jewell - Eilen Jewell plays three tracks from her Sundown Over Ghost Town album, talks about returning to Boise, and the new member of their lineup. Also on this episode, brand new soul music from Beth McKee. A really nice debut from a band out of Asheville called Tellico. New rock & roll from Dan Montgomery. Another track from that knock out Alabama Shakes album. We’ve also got new California country from Grant Langston, a southern rock track from Jimbo Mathus

    Ep247 Eilen Jewell returns to small town life - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep246 - John Moreland - I'm gonna play another track from that new Alabama Shakes album. I’ve got new honky-tonk from Whitey Morgan and the 78s. The Old Ceremony has a new indie-rock album coming and we’ll hear a track from that one too. Plus new Calexico, new Grant Langston and a whole lot more.

    Ep246 John Moreland writes for the church kids outside the punk rock show - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep245 - The McCrary Sisters - Ann McCrary plays tracks from The McCrary Sisters’ album, Let’s Go, and talks about The Fairfield Four and working as backup singers. Also on this episode, R&B from Alabama Shakes, alt-country from June Star, blues from the Reverend Freakchild, stringband music from Mandolin Orange, cajun from Feufollet, country from The Honeycutters, blues from The Grahams, southern rock from Jimbo Mathus.

    Ep245 The McCrary Sisters have Jesus and That’s Enough - Americana Music Show Podcast

    Ep244 - Malcolm Holcombe - Malcolm Holcombe plays tracks from The RCA Sessions, talks about getting inspired at the Salvation Army Store, and the tools of his trade. Also on this episode, southern rock from Jimbo Mathus, folk-rock from Tom Rhodes, stringband country from The Honeycutters, cajun rock from Feufollet, country from Sarah Gayle Meech, alt-country from June Star, country/soul from Dayna Kurtz, and a rock ballad from John Moreland.

    Ep244 Malcolm Holcombe plays pliers with wires - Americana Music Show Podcast