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Stamped jewelry. I mean, I can at least try right?

Personalize All Your Metal Jewelry With This Easy DIY


Check out these 10 ways to upgrade a plain white tee.

10 Ways to Cut Up + Restyle a Plain White T-Shirt


No-Sew Criss-Cross Back Shirt | 27 Awesomely Cheap Ways To Transform A T-Shirt

Community Post: 27 Awesomely Cheap Ways To Transform A T-Shirt


Beach time! No Sew, Tee-Shirt Halter

No Sew, Tee-Shirt Halter #3, DIY


5 Ways To Radically Simplify Your Life


Follow this tutorial to DIY a rockin' ring.

How to Create a Stone Inlay Statement Ring


Mason jar bathroom organizer

How to Create a Mason Jar Organizer - DIY Playbook


Make this lotion bar using a crock pot.

11 Super Simple DIYs You Can Make in Your Crock Pot?!


This would be fun to do with pictures of the family growing up. Photos from each state they visited glued onto a giant map and cut to fit the shape of the state.

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DIY marble tray. One can never have too many trays.

How-To: Super Simple DIY Marble Serving Tray


Perfect thing to do with Dad's shirts. Make inexpensive pillow covers from cozy repurposed shirts.

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Huge yarn. I could arm knit a blanket.

Magia (Faidate) super chunky yarn


Kylie Loveless here's your wedding emergency kit, but the booze seems to be missing.

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  • Shelby Sayre
    Shelby Sayre

    I'm assuming the stickers are for me?

  • Shelby Sayre
    Shelby Sayre

    And by stickers I mean snickers, but I do love stickers.

  • Cara Moyle
    Cara Moyle

    Of course. Should go with the full-size ones though. The little ones are just a tongue tease.

  • Shelby Sayre
    Shelby Sayre


Perhaps if I master this I could graduate to pillows.

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Travel light. I will master the art of carry-on travel.

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Duh. I mean, how can I not think of these things on my own?

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I don't really like how poofy it is but it's oh, so simple. Fitted Sheet No-Sew Window Treatment.

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Bet I could swing this without sewing.

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Refinishing furniture without stripping. No, not you, the furniture. You can leave your clothes on.

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Mod podge lace onto a container then spray paint over. I knew all my hoarding would pay off.

Decoupaging with Lace


Turn a tight shirt into a loose one...yes, I could sew those straight seams.

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It's more than just survival kits, it's organization for all the things you hope don't happen. Smart to be prepared, or so I'm told. Survival Kit Ideas: A week by week approach - Your Own Home Store

72 Hour Kit Step by Step Series

  • Jennifer Hammons
    Jennifer Hammons

    Steven and I have been accumulating things for an emergency kit; this will be great to remind of things we haven't thought about!

  • Cara Moyle
    Cara Moyle

    Her important documents section is great! That's where I'm starting.

Who needs a bedskirt when you can just cover your box spring? Hoarders like me. There's a lot to hide under there.

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Beautiful gift. Sixty Years Of Memories | Nothing But Bonfires

Nothing But Bonfires : Sixty Years Of Memories


Sewing a napkin corner. Yes, I'm actually going to need this.

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