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30 Funny Pics for Your Wednesday

30 Hilarious Funny Pictures That Will Make You Smile on 8 Bit Nerds


seriously, I have to cut the tags out of all my clothes even if it leaves holes. Stop sewing in tags in your clothes, clothing companies!


Funny memes Trying to tell a joke to your mom but she turns it into a life lesson.

That and carefully considering whether or not i could make it back to the car without anyone noticing.

Funny pictures about When your mom talks with the doctor. Oh, and cool pics about When your mom talks with the doctor. Also, When your mom talks with the doctor.


I will love you forever, whoever finds my name on a bottle/can. And I don't even like coke. ~Siobhan Love this, I can't find my name and it's Kelly, I mean really how hard should that be to find, good luck to those with more unique/special names

Feliz dia del nacionalismo!!!!! Aquí tengo los banderines.

Frozen Anna and Hans Disney funny Love is an Open Door humor fridge

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YES THIS IS SO ME! I pity myself for about fifteen minutes before getting ready for school

Me when my professor tries to talk to me about my grade

Me trying to handle life Pooh, there's something I have to tell you.