Stunning Calico Kitten

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Top 5 Healthiest Dog Breeds

Cute Dogs and Cats: Top 5 Healthiest Dog Breeds

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Modern Hepburn

The healing power of cat purrs

Seven reasons why cat purrs are scientifically proven to heal you

Benefits-Of-Owning-A-Dog :)

38 benefits of owning a dog

Australian shepherd puppy...Gotta have one:)

Australian shepherd puppy…Gotta have one:) | best stuff

"Will you marry my daddy?"

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A baby and his best friend

These animals were photographed trying things for the first time and their reactions are priceless.

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Baby Lion Playing With Leaves!

Baby Lion Playing With Leaves

German Shepherd Puppy Dogs

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Hero Baltimore cop saves dog, gains new best friend…

w i l d.

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So much cuteness!

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Dwarf cats.. I am desperate

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Dog warns parents that dirtbag babysitter was abusing child. Dogs are truly a man's/woman's best friend :): Babysitter, Dogs, Awesome Dog, Warns Parents, Dog Warns, Friend, Abusing Child, Animal

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Baby bobcat and baby deer

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I'm in love.

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Awwwwww so cute!

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I want this baby in my bed.

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That poor seal was afraid his new friend was too stupid to live!

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