Ida. Monument Valley Game Figure.

Ida, the thieving princess from one of my favorite games, Monument Valley.

Olia Lamar. Porcelain Flowers

Porcelain Flowers ooo tiny things sweet white abstract with chubby and tiny pointy curious use of scale and like ah real monsters weird yet sweet/friendly

Maria Rita Paper Sculpteur -Blog Graphiste / Sculptures, photos, Ver & Vie….

Lolita sculpture by Maria Rita (she makes Paper sculpture but I think this is plaster)

doe, a deer, a female deer.

Daily Korean Stuff: Korean Sculpture and Installation Art: Hyun Soo Kim (김현수)

Plush animals to match the theme of the room - Plush Collection | Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child's Wooly Plush Lamb:A fine furry friend, designed with playful details every child will love, from the floppy legs and arms to the embroidered accents and lots of fun, different textures.

For the growth pictures - Shaggy Plush Bunny | Plush Gifts | Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

RH Baby & Child's Shaggy Plush Bunny:Soft, floppy and oh-so cuddly, our signature Shaggy Plush Bunny is destined to become your child's favorite friend.