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All the Phones I've ever owned...

Most of these were before I started writing about iPhones professionally. I'm THAT in to phones.

Apple iPhone 5s - My daily driver.

Apple iPhone 5c - In the short time I owned it, I loved using the iPhone 5c. But, I needed cash for the iPad Air and so I sold it. I couldn't part with the 5s.

The latest. Loved using it so far. Great stock Android experience. Very reliable, and stupidly good value for money.

HTC One - HTC's best ever phone, and bar the iPhone, has the best build quality on the market.

BlackBerry Z10 - I was in love with this phone for the first month. But, the poor camera, glitchy software and low number of quality apps meant I soon got bored of it.

Apple iPhone 5 - Elegant, beautiful, powerful and precisely engineered. There's little I don't like about it.

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III - I only had this a couple of months before getting bored. I didn't like TouchWiz or the plastic body

Apple iPhone - I bought this just over a year ago. It's an iconic device that changed the whole smartphone landscape, and for that reason alone will not be sold.

HTC One X: Latest device.. great piece of hardware.

Forgot to add this.. great phone. Shame there were no useful apps available.

Motorola RAZR XT910 - Not had enough time with it to gather my thoughts fully.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus - My favorite Android phone of all time. If it wasn't for the fact that I run an iPhone blog, and have everything in Apple's ecosystem, I would have kept this. Amazing smartphone.

White iPhone 4S - Natural upgrade to my iPhone 4. Blended seamlessly back in to my life...

BlackBerry Bold 9780 - Another great device from RIM, sold it, didn't offer enough over the 9700. Free upgrade, lost nothing.

White iPhone 4 - The "Unicorn" phone, launched almost 10 months after the black one. Looked much better than its black counterpart.

Nexus One - Stunning Android device. Couldn't get on with the onscreen virtual keyboard. Had no ounce of desire to root, or customize. Sold it after a few months.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 - This is still my work phone...

T-mobile G2 - Great keyboard, great Android phone. Left me wanting another BlackBerry.

Black iPhone 4 - Queued for this on opening day... sold it after a few months. Hated the color and design.

Samsung Tocco - Played with it for a few days. Jumped up feature phone.

White iPhone 3GS - My favorite phone, EVER.

iPhone 3G - Got me hooked, and is mostly responsible for my profession.

T-mobile G1 - My first real smartphone. I still miss it sometimes..

Nokia 6300 - Workhorse! Fantastic.

MDA Compact 4 - HTC Sense tried to cover a hideously fiddly WinMo OS, and failed. Overheating battery meant this lasted only a week or so.