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omg I love this duder so much. XD

omg I love this duder so much. XD


ashtonsnerd: “ fuclke me hafrd pls your beaitiful ashtpon hehe ”

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Calum's best pick up line: "I know Michael Clifford" That's an amazing pickup line! <ha that would work on me

♡ SadLittleBean ♡

♡ SadLittleBean ♡


This is love❤️<<< can we talk about Mikey in the back?<<I'm not sure if they mean Mikey or Luke cuz I've done both when j see spiders

THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER! I'm so going to do this with one of my friends who

This girl is the real MVP.<<< I did this to my best friend who didn't get to go to the concert in July, when my phone stopped recording I decided to facetime her so she could see them 😊


He just likes cheesesteaks this is literally my favorite calum moment in history calum at Geno's cheesesteaks in Philly