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"It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight. You can still be a useless person." << you can ALWAYS be a useless person. Don't be useless.

Here comes another Chinese earthquake! Brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr

Chinaaaaaaaaaa advisors vow to bobobobobobobobobobobobobo is this dub step? Here comes another Chinese earthquake!

Ohhhh how I abhor math!

This is so accurate I usually just go with the person nexts to me answer tho because they are much smarter than me. Haha I just realized this is how I am in an advanced math class

Matcha Banana "Ice Cream" **use honey instead of condensed milk. Buy your matcha at

Matcha (Green Tea) banana ice cream - Fun to come across a new spin on banana ice cream. This version includes sweetened condensed milk (maybe sub coconut milk).