The natural light, open space and dedicated storage areas and group seating areas, as well as the inclusion of simple, striking natural decor so it's not sterile, but not overwhelming. I think this would assist greatly with focus when children are setting up their own activities.

I like the branches, but without the lanterns. Boulder Journey School - Some really beautiful ideas to decorate a child friendly space for little creative minds to blossom.

Kimono & Cherry Blossoms--great lesson plans for Japan unit (including a link to a kimono template)

Folded Paper Kimonos, and blown ink cherry blossom trees. Good for Suki's Kimono or any Japanese unit.I've done these cherry trees and they always turned out beautifully!

Classroom decorated for the student's "Trip to Japan" So cool!

Classroom decorated for the student's "Trip to Japan" So cool! Around the world

Never have tried blow painting--but these are so pretty, I'll have to be brave and try it!

My Grade 7 class recently finished these cherry blossom paintings as part of our "Japanese Art" unit. I absolutely adore cherry blo.