Single Pocket Lace Patchwork T-Shirt

Single Pocket Lace Patchwork T-Shirt

@Michelle Flynn Ronan ~ Michelle, don't tell me if I'm wrong... I believe that whenever you see something pink, the 19-year-old-Phi-Mu-you says this in a whisper inside your head, and she is in her bliss.  It's because of you that I love pink. :-)

Flat Stomach – The Key to Attractiveness

pink beach                                

Pink chairs and umbrellas at the beach (pink,beach,chair,umbrella,summer)

PINK Summer Sunset

Palm tree types and photos. The palm trees remind me of my summer memories. We live the most beautiful moments in summer vacation. Therefore, the palm trees make us very happy.


Gorgeous Rose Suede Peep Toe High Heel Shoes with Rhinestone Decoration

pretty pink peep-toe pumps with blinged heels! fashion high-heel shoes for women

You know that's right... Pink<3

IF ITS NOT PINK NOT WORTH HAVING Sign Girls Room Decor Plaque Wood U Pick Color

This sign is painted and antiqued to give it a distressed look. Color featured is GIRLY PINK with BLACK lettering. White signs would have pink lettering. There are 2 sawtooth hooks included for hanging ease or sign may be propped on a shelf or on ledge.