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March Munchies: Chocolate Coconut Fruit Dip

Oh yes, I knew it would be amazing as a fruit dip. Here is my previous post where I ate this as is. Dipping fruit in it is devine.

And sometimes that bridge is falling apart and freakin scary!! And other times it's like that invisible bridge in that Indian Jones movie; you can't see it, but you still step out on it because you know that whatever happens, God will always lead you.

Faith is the bridge between where I AM, and the place GOD is taking me. This bridge is so awesome

I will walk by Faith

God has a perfect plan for us. He never does it all at once, just step by step because he wants to teach us walk by Faith not by sight.


The perfect Combination of Vegetables to make a healthy and Paleo Coleslaw

tandoori grilled vegetables

Tandoori Grilled Broccoli and Cauliflower Kebabs - A tandoor is an Indian clay oven. Marinated meat, cottage cheese (paneer) or vegetables are skewered and cooked in the oven. The result is smoky, charred skewers of tandoori yumminess.