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CampMaid Products

CampMaid is the most safe and easy-to-use Dutch Oven Lid remover and holder. For the avid Dutch Oven cookers, CampMaid is the best on the market using a patent-pending "Grab-and-Hold" design allowing you to safely remove your lid without gloves.
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CampMaid Dutch Oven Multi-Tool - Removes Lid - Pot Holder - Serving Stand Removes lid and keeps it off the ground! Use as a serving stand, flip it over and use the lid as a skillet! Keeps food warm! Lift lid easily & securely. Turn stand upside down for cooking on lid. Fits all dutch oven sizes 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" Steel frame construction Weighs only 3 lbs! Easily stored inside of a 12" or larger Dutch oven.


CamMaid Charcoal Holder Multi-use option for cooking on the lid as a skillet. Holds charcoal in place for even heat. Clamp on handle for adjustable cooking. Steel tray for durabilty & convenience. Great for starting charcoal with its air flow design.


Cooking like the pioneers has never been easier! Whether you are camping, hunting or even tailgaiting, CampMaid is the safest, most easy-to-use Dutch Oven Multi-Use Tool for baking, stewing, and roasting!