NATO phonetic alphabet

Phonetic Alphabet II

ABCD and E Alpha bravo charlie delta . good to know very cool. cute for a boys room


The focus being on the woman's silhouette, the background becomes a blurry result of the surround further away lights creating analogous colors of red to yellow smoothly merging and forming one unique background

Golden Fish

These illustrations are gorgeous and many are in the fantasy genre. Children’s Illustrations by Laura Diehl - this is lovely, would love her to illustrate my childrens book "The little star"

By Oscar Ramos

Inspired by the work of Dutch graphic artist M. Escher, Santiago, Chile-based artist Oscar Ramos wonderfully merges several different images into one com

Lombard Street Candy Land

Lombard Street, San Francisco - a MUST SEE when your in S. I take the kids down this every time we visit.