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Lemon Balm Cold Process Soap Recipe

Lemon Balm Soap

The Best Wet Shaving Soap process

Tutorial: The Best Wet Shaving Soap Recipe - Modern Soapmaking

Rosemary Lavender Soap Recipe

Make Your Own Homemade Soaps

Homemade Laminate Floor Spray Cleaner

33 Homemade Remedies For Cleaning The House!

I love these foamer bottles for making face wash! Sensitive skin blend: 1T castile soap, 1T witch hazel, 10 drops Juniper Berry, and top off with distilled water. click image for info on where to get supplies including these great foamer bottles

set of 3 foamer bottles- perfect for making your own foaming face wash with essential oils

DIY Foaming Hand Soap - cheap & healthy at around 25 cents per bottle and super easy to make! - The Peaceful Mom

Save Money: DIY Natural Foaming Handsoap

Homemade Honey Bubble Bath with

Homemade Bubble Bath -

Make Your Own Laundry Soap and Washing Soda { the toxic-free kind } 4 tbsp washing soda (make your own) 4 tbsp baking soda 6 tbsp castille soap (I used Dr Bronners Baby Mild Castille Soap. 1 gallon water

Make Your Own Laundry Soap and Washing Soda

Step one: Cut goat’s milk soap base into cubes and microwave in 30 second intervals. This recipe makes 3 bars of soap. S2: Melt soap for about a minute. Add another 15-30 seconds if it’s not completely melted. S3: Once soap cubes turn liquid add a few drops of the lemon essential oil and the lemon zest of 3-4 lemons; stir well. S4: Pour into soap molds and allow to harden for at least one hour. ***Update: If you decide to use the lemon zest I recommend adding a preservative.

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Liquid castile soap from scratch, including recipe and video. Yes! silverfirsfarm.wo...

Liquid "Castile" Soap Tutorial

DIY Makeup brush cleaner- Use this spray in between deep cleanings to keep your makeup brushes clean & your skin clear!

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner -

Life On The Urban Farm: Pure Castile Soap

Life On The Urban Farm: Pure Castile Soap

Want to make your own foaming hand soap at home? It's not hard! Try my super easy recipe using a few simple and non-toxic ingredients like liquid castile soap, water, moisturizing liquid carrier oils, and essential oils. This homemade version costs pennies to make a single batch and your hands will thank you! |

DIY Moisturizing Foaming Hand Soap

How to Make Your Own Homemade Safe Baby Body Wash :: via Kitchen Stewardship

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Make Your Own ~ Pure & Mild Castile Soap ~ to then use as soap or in other recipes like laundry detergent! Adding essential oils for aromatherapy & medicinal benefits!

Pure & Mild Castile Soap

Easy Non-toxic Bubble Bath Recipe. Don't let your kids bathe in a chemical soup, just so they can have fun with bubbles. Make your own! Feel good about letting them play in the tub!

Easy Non-toxic Bubble Bath Recipe - Real Food RN

DIY: ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER ~spray bottle ~1 c. white vinegar ~2 T. Dr. Bronner's unscented castile soap ~4-6 drops essential oil (grapefruit and lavender are two of my favorites) ~Fill the rest of the spray bottle with warm water.

6 DIY Household Cleaners

This easy homemade natural shampoo has four ingredients (or less depending on hair type) and cleans hair naturally without stripping natural oils.

How to Make Homemade Natural Shampoo

I make castile soap all the time and I can defiantly say it's one of my favourites. This homemade Castile soap recipe is a very mild pure soap and one of the best soaps to make if you're new to soap making

How To Make Castile Soap

www.stay-a-stay-a... 35 Uses for Liquid Castile Soap

Make Your Own Household Cleaners - Recipes

7 Money-Saving Recipes Using Castile Soap! So many amazing, natural uses for castile soap. I love the bathroom cleaner, face wash, and hand soap. So many more you can make with just one 32-ounce bottle of castile soap.

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The Busy Girl's Guide to DIY. How to make DIY Castile Soap plus 7 more quick and easy tutorials.

The Busy Girl's Guide to DIY

Make your own liquid castile soap for just pennies per bottle. Use for shampoo, hand wash, and I even clean my floors with it!

How to Make Liquid Castile Soap Without Lye

If you are interested in how to make castile soap I can defiantly say it's one of my favourites. This homemade Castile soap recipe is a very mild pure soap and one of the best soaps to make if you're new to soap making.

How To Make Castile Soap

I already have a recipe for this in here that I've used, but I had to adjust it to just about exactly what Brittany did. Repinning the recipe of someone I trust!

The Pistachio Project: Make Your Own Liquid Soap