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Canadian Dad Blog

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Download Frozen Activities

A Quick And Easy Canada Day Craft | Canadian Dad

Canadian Dad | A Quick And Easy Canada Day Craft

How To Make A Star Wars Lightsaber

Share and Inspire With #GoodNewsMonday – 1st Edition | Canadian Dad

How To Make Your Own Star Wars Lightsaber | Canadian Dad

How Princesses Provided A Fairy Tale Ending For One Little Girl | Canadian Dad

The Greatest Love of All | Canadian Dad

Did I ever tell you about the time I got to skate with the cast of Disney on Ice?

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects was at the top of my Father's Day wish list this year and I highly recommend it to all the wives looking for something for hubby! Yes, I bought it early...

Here is a recap of my first full year as a blogger.

I Love You In The Whole Universe, Daddy

How Canadians Learn To Ride A Bicycle | Canadian Dad

Bunnies + Goats + Kids = Cute Explosion | Canadian Dad

When Children Inspire. Please take a minute to check out 10 year old Hannah Alper's Earth Pledge and please fill out yours while you're at it!

My Video From The Day I Skated With Disney on Ice.

"I like to have a pre-game nap! #HockeyLuck Not sure if it's lucky though, I just like naps..." -Twitter fan @CanadianDadBlog

I’m Crafty and I Know It; Also, When Glue Guns Attack - 100th Day of School Project

How To Get Your Kids To Stop Playing Online Video Games

The Time Santa Tried To Pull A Fast One!

Weekly post, featuring photos of Dads hanging with their kids.

Congrats to everyone who took part in our Movember campaign! $12,000 is nothing to sneeze at and check out our awesome cake!

I was excited when Candace asked me to help her readers by compiling a list of what Dads really want for Christmas this year! I polled the Dad community and have put together a list for all you Moms out there, of the Top 10 items on Dad’s Wish List for this Christmas season. There were many, many responses but these are the top choices, in no particular order.

The Most Awesome Snow White I've Ever Met! Seriously, this wonderful person made my daughter's day and that's worth sharing!

The Smile That Stopped The World - My Baby Girl's getting older and I'm having trouble dealing with it.