"Yes my reasons for killing your brother were not the best motives." He pauses raising his hands to his face. " but I like the feel of blood on my hands" he smiled and then frowned. "I'm going to hell"

Dexter- my hand its sticky and wet. i bring it up to my face it is covered in red liquid that smells strongly of blood. whose blood is this?

Tears can be beautiful, heart-wrenching, or even just a way of showing how hurt or depressed you are. Tears are. can I give him a hug?

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Halloween Costume Ideas

Some of the best Halloween make-up ideas are bleeding eye, zipper face, unzipped face, skeleton face and many others. Some of the best Halloween make-up ideas are shown below

Long live the Wonderland!

Did this myself, three hours of work. Long live the Wonderland!

40 Dreadfully Beautiful Makeup Ideas To Try This Halloween | http://www.salongenie.net/blog/40-dreadful-makeup-idea-for-halloween/

Here we have gathered 20 Halloween costumes makeup ideas for you to try.Enjoy Halloween Costumes Makeup Ideas Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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of the dead This is not sugar skull makeup, has absolutely zero relevance to Dia de los Muertos. Dia de los Muertos is not Halloween Please reconsider your Dia de los Muertos makeup Appropriating on Halloween

Voilà un tuto du maquillage de Halloween qui va vous inspirer pour créer des choses uniques et faire votre maquillage ou celui de vos proches remarquable

Le tuto du maquillage de Halloween artistique

20 Killer Halloween Makeup Ideas - Im diggin this cracked porcelain doll makeup Halloween Makeup, Makeup for Halloween, Trick or Treat, Hall-o-ween Face Makeup