A really fun composition game for 3rd grade. Super easy to make and pull out whenever you need it. I'm planning to modify the game a big and on use it for recorder centers soon!

SO MANY GREAT MANIPULATIVE GAMES; Very clever - glue games into a labelled file folder. Organized and efficient - great for music on a cart.

Need to help your new students a bit more with note value recognition? Here's a fun game to help with that. COVER IT!, a game inspired b...

Music Center: Don't Break the Rhythms! - Rhythm Game. This is so cute! My kids will be fighting over who gets to play!

EYE Spy a Rhythm Game-pull out a rhythm and clap it or say it. If it is correct, you keep it. The person who has collected the most eyeballs wins! These plastic ping pong type balls are easy to find at dollar stores right now.

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