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the info sheet shows different types of information for people in nederland, including
Wil je ook jouw #sollicitanten veranderen in #ambassadeurs en zo de beste referrals genereren? Meld je dan nu aan voor de #nationalecandidateexperiencebenchmark via #sollicitatieervaring #sollicitantenzijnookklanten
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We zijn begonnen met het meten van de tevredenheid van sollicitanten in Nederland!
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How to turn your applicants into brand ambassadors explained in 36 sec!
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999: request failed
Your brand may be about how fun a place to work you are, or, how you are all about innovation and disruption, or the environment, or whatever, but if you can’t treat candidates decent, does it even matter, or is it even true?
a person writing on a piece of paper next to a movie slate and clapper
6 Simple Steps to Revitalizing Your Candidate Experience
Remember, recruitment offers jobseekers a window into the soul of your company. If the view isn’t pretty, you’re not just losing talent — you’re losing customers.
there are 3 5x less likely to re - apply that company, the state of the candidate experience
23 Surprising Stats on Candidate Experience - Infographic
The infographic below follows the applicant journey, revealing surprising stats, and the risks and opportunities they present today’s employer brands.
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Waarom Sonos al zijn sollicitanten 50% korting geeft
Interesting read. More proof that your candidates are your customers!
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How Richard Branson Plans to Make Over $7 Million a Year From ... Recruiting?
More proof that your candidates are your customers! "Richard Branson plans to make over $7 million a year by making them famous for candidate experience.."
a man in glasses is smiling at the camera and next to a cityscape
De 5 belangrijkste praktische principes om talent te vinden - Werf&
'Bouw een sterk employer brand en wees niet bang voor reviews van werkzoekenden en ex-werknemers'. ‘We zitten als recruiters niet in de business van mensen aantrekken’, zegt Burney, ‘we zitten in de business van mensen afwijzen’..
a woman standing in front of a brick wall holding a cell phone
Why You Must Rethink How You Reject Candidates In 2016
Why You Must Rethink How You Reject Candidates In 2016. Remember: Active applicants talk to passive candidates
an info sheet showing different types of boats
Career Websites vs. Talent Communities [INFOGRAPHIC]
Good example of a vendor with an agenda mis-communicating and mis-defining the Cand Exp to serve its-self. They are better than that
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999: request failed
Quite bizarre really that marketers don’t seem to realise that big brands get a LOT of candidates apply to their company jobs yet around 98% of them get a no. A rejection. A negative response. OK, candidates know there is a high chance this will be the case, but it’s still a lot of negative brand experiences that as a marketer I would probably want to think about..
a drawing of a man running across a tape measure line with scissors in his hand
Oppassen met je online-reputatie
"De belangrijkste valkuil: niet inspelen op het fenomeen onlinebeoordelingen. Dan zijn je concurrenten je namelijk voor. „Nu is het een trend die vooral zichtbaar is in de dienstensector, de horeca en bepaalde zakenberoepen. Maar dit komt straks overal voor. Dat zal ervoor zorgen dat je reputatie een cruciaal onderdeel wordt van de vraag wat voor werk je kunt krijgen.”
a man standing in front of a screen with an image of a cartoon character on it
Verslag Digitaal-Werven: een mooie dag voor recruitment - Werf&
three people holding up paper with faces drawn on them and the words, ethnics and diversity going beyond the document
Symphony Talent Blog
No longer is it effective to rely solely on candidates taking action. With more information available on employers, a more competitive labor market due to low unemployment for key skills and the consumerization of the candidate experience, candidates are in the driver’s seat