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Animals do the dangest things..humans add the laughs
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Someone is using the pool...?

Secretly having lots of fun…

By the way, it's not a hidden camera. There's way too much shaking for it to be a hidden camera. Someone HAS to be holding it.

Cheers me up every time! Bahahaha!

Cheers me up every time! Bahahaha!

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Wet-your-pants funny. Not so funny for the students who didn't get their kitties spayed.

My dreams have come true

The greatest love story of all time – I Has A Hotdog – Dog Pictures – Funny pictures of dogs – Dog Memes – Puppy pictures – doge I Has A Hotdog Channels Cheezburger Channels [.

Stop fooling around. We have to get back on the ice flow. Hurry up. Let's go Kiddo.

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“my mom adopted a new kitten and my dog is in love with her and is protecting her”

King of the "hill"

King of his own little hill

Nothing is cuter than a baby goat, unless it's a kitten or a puppy or a lamb or a foal, let's face it they are so cute when they are babies!