love this sisters tattoo

"Sisters" & "Friends" I would love to get this one with my sister but I doubt she would ever get a tattoo. Hell I still might get it just because she is my sister. But I have to get some purple put in there some where (her favorite color).


Sister Tattoo Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Liu Vaughan, if I can ever talk all my sissys into getting a tat, this one gets my vote! Ohh in white ink!

Jay and Sami's bestie tattoo.. so cute.

I think me and my mom should get these as a mother daughter tattoo not a sister tattoo

Sister tattoo (:

infinity and beyond is how long your sisters will be there for you. Would love to get a tiny matching tattoo with my sister.

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10 Cool tattoo designs for women

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Best friend tattoos

Infinity tattoo on the inside of ur pinky. I want to do this with my best friend or husband has in i pinky promise forever. So cute

Pinky promise

I like the idea of a classy and simple tattoo on a pinky or finger. This one is a bit much for me tho

friendship tattoo.

Best friends or sister! But really she IS my best friend :) infinity symbol tattoo Best friend tattoo friends

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