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An adorable cupcake-cake Sundae! Learn to make it in's free blog tutorial!
Anchor cupcake cake template (2)
Pretty cupcakes featuring a dense funfetti cupcake and rich vanilla buttercream, decorated to look like an ice cream sundae!
Custom made spaghetti straps wedding dress
watermelon cupcake cake
DIY Hot Glue Canvas Art More
Today I have a super fun roundup for you–25 AMAZINGLY cool crafts that you can make with your Hot glue gun! And I am not talking about felt flowers and gluing stuff together–I’m talking HOT GLUE as the star of the show! Making designs, jewelry, art! So many amazing ideas!!! If you don’t have a …
Fish Cupcake Cake
Pina Colada Cheesecake Salad is my latest obsession. This simple recipe starts with a fresh pineapple fruit salad tossed with a rich and buttery coconut rum cheesecake filling (don't worry it's kid friendly) to create the most spectacular fruit salad ever!
My little Bernie looked just like this as a puppy #havanese More