Soul Eater I totally ship.this!!!! They would be a really cute couple ❤❤

Soul Eater I totally ship. They would be a really cute couple ❤❤ Ahhhhh OTP OTP !

For Wodalzz P8 by Miyaow on DeviantArt  little fast there soul, she may be tough but she is still a lady.

Lemon Squares shall be served shortly. as soon as they are baked. Now I want the REAL PASTRY! May you enjoy everlastingly! that sounded lame.

SoMa Week, day 4- Loyalty by on @deviantART

SoMa Week, day Loyalty by KeysaMoguri on DeviantArt Omfg all the "soul-senpai!

Don't worry your still growing

Looks like make doesn't know whether or not to be offended