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Freddie’s last letter to fans 1989:  Hi Everybody!  Hope all is well. As I write this- Queen are in the middle of preparations for yet another video. By the time you read this, most of you will have seen “The Miracle” video. I hope it was a little surprise. We shall be starting work on some brand new songs (Nov/ Dec ‘89) in Montreux, and I’m very excited about it! Hope something good comes out of these sessions for a new Queen L.P.  Finally I must say you’ve all been so supp

Freddie’s last letter to fans Hi Everybody! As I write…

Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls.. Freddie Mercury hand-written lyrics

Wallpaper and background photos of Fat Bottomed Girls - Freddie Mercury hand-written lyrics for fans of Queen images.

The Freddie Way

You will really only get this if you have a good knowledge of dat shit.

he reminds me of someone I've met decades ago

Queen, 1977 by Mick Rock. ° I can just imagine Freddie trying to persuade the rest of the band to do this topless shoot.