A 6-pack to-go

The Spartan Carton Leather Beer Carrier by WalnutStudiolo

Beer, Bike, Drink & Drive

6 Pack Frame Cinch Polo Mallet Holder by WalnutStudiolo on Etsy Another beautifully designed piece this time from Walnut Studio. Originally designed for bike polo it makes a wonderful six pack holder.

Painted Red Trio 2009-Blenheim Vineyards (Dave Matthews' vineyard)- Charlottesville, VA

Painted Red Trio Vineyards (Dave Matthews' vineyard)- My Valentines Day :)

Mouth watering

Strange Brews: The World’s Most Bizarre Beers

The world's most bizarre beers. Personally, I'd like to try Pizza Beer. It's basically what I had every Friday in college anyway, just skipping a step.

Beer Varieties chart - great gift for a beer connoisseur. #erindollar

Learn everything there is to know about the many varieties of beer with this family-tree like poster from Pop Chart Lab.