Yes, I'm Raising Boys, and No, I'm Not Sorry. When people find out that I have all boys I get all sorts of insensitive comments. This post is for my boys because I would never want them to feel that our family isn't complete without a girl or that they aren't loved just the way they are.

The Joys of Boys

Yes, I'm Raising Boys, and No, I'm Not Sorry

A look at what makes Grandma and Grandpa special to your kids, and to you! #parenting #grandparents #grandparentsday

Sand In My Toes

Eight Reasons Why Grandparents Are Special | Sand In My Toes

20 Mommy-Daughter Dates: Older Daughter Edition ~:: Because My Life is Fascinating ::~ Because the little girls you date as a mommy grow to be older daughters. Young ladies. Women. Friends. Here are some ideas for Mommys of older daughters.

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Advice for him and her... Especially love #5 and #12

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