-Decim and Chiyuki- This is just.....so fluffy.....

Death Parade fan art anime Chiyuki x Decim from Pixiv chibi kawaii comic manga sad

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-Ginti- Hahaha....I wanna have Memine as my pet...... XD

Death Parade fan art anime mangacute comic from Pixiv

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Clavis (クラヴィス Kuravisu) is an elevator operator in the arbiter system, as well as a personal valet to Nona. His task is to transport arbiters and guests between floors.

Death Parade, Decim by nipuni

Death Parade ~ Decim ~ I'm just to obsessed with this anime!

Death Parade fan art anime from Pixiv

Ginti - Death Parade fan art anime from Pixiv

Anime picture with death parade madhouse decim (death parade) nona (death parade) kurokami no onna ginti duximeng long hair tall image short hair blue eyes black hair smile multiple girls brown eyes purple eyes blue hair sitting white hair red hair

Death Parade, Decim and Chiyuki

Pixiv Id Death Parade, Kurokami no Onna, Decim (Death Parade), Asymmetrical Bangs, One Eye Showing