Printing on Paper Bag Ideas with Free Printables

Need to try this to print a BS bag. print on paper bag instructions. Think of all the awesome party favor bags you could do!kids lunch bags too.

Use a jump rope to teach tying shoe's bigger, so it's easier to grasp the concept (supports fine motor skills)

Use a jump rope to teach tying shoe's bigger, so it's easier to grasp the concept (gross motor supports fine motor)! One of my favorite ways to teach shoe tying!

side walk chalk photography

Coopet Photography: side walk chalk ~ fun to take pic w/kids & art : ) .Dana we need to do this when the kids get a bit older!

"Safety spot" while you're loading and unloading the twins or stroller.

When you're in a busy parking lot use a "safety spot" on the side of your car while you unload the stroller, etc. Your child should place their hand on the safety spot and not move until you tell them it's safe and they can hold your hand.

Organic homemade fruit snacks - Perfect for toddlers!

For all you moms that are pinners or for those of you who like gummy bears: Organic homemade fruit snacks - lots of different flavor options and one batch makes a good amount of fruit snacks.

Doodle Craft...: Super Sci-Fi Rocket fueled Jet Pack

Fun tutorials / DIY--Rocket Jet-Pack for your little Rocketeer! So cute, can you not see everylittle boy enjoying this?

Name Craft - Great for fine motor skills

sweet little name craft; practice fine motor skills, do art and snack a little along the way!maybe use as a kinders mosaic project?

cute cheerio sheep

Turn classic Cheerios into a fun treat the kids cannot resist with this recipe for how to make cheerios sheep snacks! (Eid Recipes How To Make)

Handprint and Footprint Art Wee Chick

Handprint Baby Chick Craft-and other ideas for hand and foot print art for kids easter-ideas-i-love-eggs

birdy snack

A whole lot of food art designs to make your kids smile, and hopefully eat their snacks. These incredible works of (food) art look too good to eat!

10 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy Without Buying New Toys

10 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy (without buying new toys) — Learning Through Play