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With BiKN and your iPhone you won't waste time searching for your keys ever again.

The Cybertecture® Mirror is a reflective mirror with programmable applications and digital display for the home, office and public environments (hotels, hospitals, retail shops).

WaterBlock is cutting-edge technology that protects your valuable digital electronics from their number one nemesis: H2O.

Microsoft’s SemanticMap: After Project Glass, Another Take On How To Make The World More User-Specific

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Nest Learning Thermostat - A thermostat that learns your heating and cooling preferences, has integrated WiFi so you can control it when you're not at home, reports the weather and much more.

Pillow Remote Control - Would you love to have this in your living room?

Dish Network Tailgater, $350 and Month to Month plans

Pretty incredible satellite image of Hurricane Irene.

These weren't taken by a billion dollar satellite, just a dude and his Nikon. Turns out Dutch astronaut and physician Andre Kuipers, currently doing research on the International Space Station, is quite the interstellar shutterbug.

Old satellite dish upcycled into a gazebo.

Amazing satellite photography, Malaspina Glacier – Alaska, USA

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