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Face Washer Bunny- Booboo Bunny, put soap or ice cube in the centre. My kids loved it!

When my kids were little I made these as "boo-boo bunnies". put an ice cube in the center circle of his back and hold on the boo-boos to hold swelling at bay. Face Washer Bunny ~ cute for kids A Spoonful of Sugar

Flowing Hair Mermaid Wall Statue (

Omg I love this! Mermaid Wall Figure with Flowing Hair - Hanging Nautical Mermaid - Coastal Beach Decor - California Seashell Company

Get recycling and make a milk bottle elephant

Step by step Milk Bottle Elephant tutorial a really sweet idea for getting toddlers interested in crafting and to start a conversation about recycling too!


Tire puffs- reuse old tires without having the actual tire showing! Genius when you don't like wasting things but don't like the look of tire stools

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