Cased openings

Design Trends at Kings' Chapel Parade of Homes - The Decorologist Love the open floor plan and the front doors!

Burlap & Tin: New Doorways Say HELLO! How to frame in an interior doorway.

**Doorway trim sizes: Burlap & Tin: New Doorways Say HELLO! /best tutorial so far on craftsman doors

It's All in the Details: Moldings are a must in our forever HOME> I love the Crastman ones the best.

Four historically accurate molding styles, compared side by side. (Our style is Classical Craftsman)

Casings around door openings make such a huge difference

A Foyer "Before" and "After"

Casings around door openings make such a huge difference.I want to to this to my dining room/family room entrance.

beautiful kitchen w/ dark hardwood floors

SallyL: Oxford Development - Elegant, traditional kitchen design with transom windows and pass . I like how the backside of the pass is used as bench seating. Perfect for breaking up a large back family room

Decorative molding added to standard doorways makes such a huge difference!

A Foyer "Before" and "After"

For dining room and opening to fam room from entryway. Adding Wider Trim Mouldings - adding additional layers of trim and crown moldings adds so much character to a room and gives your home a custom built look.

More ideas
Window trim I have this over my kitchen and family room windows in the form of a cornice to hide the blinds when pulled up. KS

Master Bedroom Door Trim Detail with led lights tucked inside. forget door trim, crown molding with row lighting! :) or maybe detail inside tray ceilings?

Eat. Sleep. Decorate.: Adding Character to your home {Molding} baseboard DIY

We tried removing existing baseboards in our house to add new bigger ones and it was a disaster so we ditched that idea. Gonna add thin cap molding to existing baseboards to make them appear new.Way less work too.

An easy trick to incorporate what looks like layered skirtings is to leave gaps between moulding and trim and paint these areas in the same colour.

Make your baseboard more dramatic - add small pieces of trim to the top of existing baseboard, add a few inches and add another piece of moulding. Paint the wall and trim white - cheap and easy.

Real color not given. They suggested Sherwin Williams Poolhouse, SW7603, or Meditative, SW6227. Someone disagreed with Poolhouse and said that Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore is closer. Another said BM Sheer Romance #837.

baseboard trim, doorway trim, crown molding - the color of my dining room and it!

framing - pillar idea for basement theater room

AB: Great idea for wrapping the archway between the dining room and the foyer. framing - pillar idea for basement theater room

Beautify Your House With Crown Molding and Different Trim Upgrades. *** Look into more by checking out the picture

Beautify Your Home With Crown Molding and Other Trim Upgrades

Create an archway for a more dramatic impact and architectural interest. For full step-by-step instructions, shopping list, and tools list, see How to Create an Archway.

Board sizes reference, not style to be used. How to Build a Wainscoted Wall: The Family Handyman

How to Build a Wainscoted Wall

I love wainscoting. It can change a simple room into something elegant and beautiful. Try painting it a different color for a modern look.

Add a column effect at the corners of the room, which is open to the kitchen on one end and the foyer/hall on the other end. separate the room (and the wall colors) without taking up any real space in the floor plan.

Separate your wall colors. This is SUCH a good idea! I dont like two colors coming together on a corner and this is the fix for that! This would also be a great fix for the beat-up corners in the house. -- corner of family room & foyer/dining room

What a huge difference new door casing can make to a room!!

especially around kids doors bc they are so visible….molding redo for my front door (I really like the extra trim she added! Not the same taste in home decor though.

Crown Moulding Build-Up Project || Create a more customized look for your crown moulding by simply combining various pieces of moulding into “build-ups”. Click through for the instructions.                                                                                                                                                     More

Crown Moulding Build-Up Project. Create a more customized look for your crown moulding by simply combining various pieces of moulding into “build-ups”. Click through for the instructions.