Replacement Transponder Keys, Keyless Entry Remotes & Key Fobs - Tired of paying HUNDREDS of $$$$ on expensive keys? It's not OEM but I'll bet it's the same quality...maybe even better. Customer service is really great and you can't beat the price.

expensive keys

entry remotes

amazing things

keys keyless

keyless entry

customer service

transponder keys

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Find your neighborhood's Walk Score - When you want to know how easy it is to navigate a neighborhood by walking, this is the site to do it. Great when you get ready to move.

neighborhood s walkability

apartment hunting

neighborhood walkable

walkscore filter

walkable apartments

find walkable

Pinned from - A website where you can fix anything? Everything? And find parts or tools? I'm sold.

geek tools

gift ideas

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Repair Manuals for Every Thing - iFixit

USA Today - Redesigns for tomorrow, will soon unleash a beautiful new look on digital and print.

version 2 0

beta usatoday


web site

today redesigns

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today products

digital prints

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If you liked watching this summer's blockbusters at the movies, watch #DIRTYLAUNDRY - Just watch won't be disappointed.

punisher dirtylaundry

the punisher

punisher fan

film dirtylaundry

dirtylaundry youtube

punisher movie

short film

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This ring is made of a solid Diamond and goes for 70 million dollars!

diamond rings

000 000

engagement ring

diamond 150

bling bling

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Help me raise money to buy Nikola Tesla's old laboratory - The Oatmeal (In 2 Days, they raised $ 500k... everyone knows how important this is-you should too.)

future tesla

tesla museum

science centers

museum wouldn t

blog tesla

goddamn tesla

nikola tesla s

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15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee From The Oatmeal - Great Site, lots of fun stuff.

coffee lovers

coffee break

coffee knowledge

coffee coffee

15 things

coffee tea

coffee shop

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Snafu Comics Presents: Grim Tales from Down Below - a slightly skewed take on what happened after "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" - Great read!

comic s

comics gim

current webcomics

comic number

favorite webcomics

snafu comics

awesome comics

comics grim

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Penny Arcade - Comics, Some Funny, a Blog and More! from PAX creators, Jerry "Tycho" Holkins and Mike "Gabe" Krahulik



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call to action

arcade comics

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I'm Married Anti-Cheating Ring - Seriously? Well...I suppose if you need to buy this ring, you shouldn't get hitched...


wedding ideas


coll idea

weddings cheating

cheating romantic

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Declaration of Internet Freedom...sign it.

de internet

signs declaration

internet site

an internet

declaration internet

120705 internetfreedom

free internet

internet freedom

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Introducing The Declaration Of Internet Freedom - We are joining an international movement to defend our freedoms because we believe that they are worth fighting for.

open internet

freedom join

freedom personal

freedom principles

internetdeclaration org

freedom grepscience

internet freedom

free internet

Pinned from - Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of REDDIT) is back at it again; Breadpig is an uncorporation for creating (and selling) geeky things with the purpose of making the world suck less...check it out-cool stuff.

hospitality gifts

geeky things

amazing things

alexis ohanian

selling geeky

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BlueStacks App Player - Android on your PC? Wonderful news!

apps de

andriod apps

mobile app

apps projects lessons

android apps

las apps

android tv

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15 Most Influential Games of All Time list - Pretty complete list; nice read.

influential games

time list

list pretty

amazing things

pretty complete

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1806 Published version of "Jack and Jill and old Dame Gill" ...there's way more to the story than just a hill...

dame gill

book illistrations

1806 published

dust jacket

jack and jill

jill 1806

children s book

abt jack

Jack and Jill and old Dame Gill

Richard Branson's Blog...Always something pretty great to read here....Screw Business as Usual!

business tips


branson linkedin

branson shares

richard branson s

branson s blog

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MIT’s Solution for Getting Ketchup Out of Bottles...genius.

bottles it s

bottles genius

bottle solution

changing product

bottles amazing

stick ketchup

ketchup bottles

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Free Radio Berkeley - want to build a radio station? Want to just know more about it? Here is the best place to start-great reading.

google image

radio berkeley


geek things

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Home | Project Re: Brief by Google

advertising campaign

google rebrief


classic ads

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