Kalk Bay Cape Peninsula

This Cape Town fishing village is a buzz with local fisherman, bohemian shopping, antiques, crafts and superb restaurants, where you can easily lose yourself…
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people are standing near a light house on the water's edge with mountains in the background
Kalk Bay Harbour light in late afternoon
Kalk Bay (South Africa). 'This delightful False Bay fishing village offers an abundance of antique, arts and craft shops, great cafes and restaurants, plus a lively daily fish market at its harbour.' http://www.lonelyplanet.com/south-africa/cape-town/sights/harbour-port/kalk-bay-harbour
a red and white light house sitting on top of a pier next to the ocean
Cape of Storms. Kalk Bay South Africa
the water is calm and blue with some clouds in the sky over boats on the shore
Gillian loves the 'l' out of... Kalk Bay
Kalk Bay, Cape Town, South Africa http://www.capepointroute.co.za/seeit-kalkbay.php
two rainbows are seen over the ocean in front of a city and mountain range
Rainbow above Woolleys Pool Kalk Bay http://www.capepointroute.co.za/seeit-kalkbay.php
an outdoor dining area with wooden tables and chairs, surrounded by vines on the roof
Cape to Cuba Kalk Bay
Cape to Cuba, Kalk Bay http://www.capepointroute.co.za/seeit-kalkbay.php
a restaurant with mountains in the background and palm trees on the sidewalk near it,
Kalky's | Get the Best Accommodation Deal - Book Self-Catering or Bed and Breakfast Now!
Kalkys - Kalk Bay Restaurants http://www.capepointroute.co.za/seeit-kalkbay.php
a sign on the side of a building that says kalk bay books
Kalk Bay books http://www.capepointroute.co.za/seeit-kalkbay.php
a bakery shop with red doors and signs on the side of it's building
Olympia Bakery at Kalk Bay, Cape Town
many boats are docked in the water
Little fishing boats in Kalk Bay Harbour http://www.capepointroute.co.za/seeit-kalkbay.php
an old chain is chained to the side of a rock by the water with boats in the background
Harbour chains
The Firefly Photo Files: Harbour chains
there are many boats that are docked in the water near each other on the dock
Kalk Bay
a man standing on top of a pier next to the ocean with a fishing pole
Page 3 – a travel journal in pictures, by Craig Strachan
Kalk Bay Harbour
a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard
Cape Town. Live it. Love it.
Kalk Bay Barrel (by creative666 via Flickr) www.capepointroute.co.za