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    PE Games and Activities

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    Looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate valentines day in PE? Look no further than these fitness task cards. Check them out in my store!

    Snowman Ball Toss Game for kids. Great gross motor skill activity for kids. Cheap and easy to make too!

    Fitness Monopoly-Each fitness game lasts for 30 to 45 minutes.. The creator also included a number of bodyweight exercise workouts which can be used anywhere when you do not have equipment. Six very neat ideas can be found on this website. Check it out!

    Snowman's Playground is a great winter time indoor PE activity when it's too cold to go outside!!

    Our favorite games from childhood can become fun basketball drills. Here we turn a few of them into fun basketball drills that your kids are going to love!

    Great PE game!

    Lead-Up Games to Floor Hockey for Elementary Kids | LIVESTRONG.COM

    Elementary students practice dribbling, passing and shooting skills through participation in basketball drills. These activities reinforce techniques and help children gain confidence for scrimmage sessions. Kids completing these exercises will feel less competitive pressure and have fun while being physically active.

    Parachute Games List - Great parachute game suggestions - SparkleBox

    The #PhysEd Newsletter #002: Star Wars Tag is an amazing #PhysEd #game. Learn all about it in this edition of the newsletter!


    Suff the Turkey Relay!!

    Awesome Hula-Hut Relay activity by J.D. Hughes!! Read here for how to organize and play the activity...

    Awesome app! Check it out at Mrclarkspe@weebly...

    Battleship game is a fun activity that allows students to practice game situations, team building and cooperative learning - all while having fun!

    UNO Fitness 2.0 by Ben Pirillo

    4 Ways to start Phyiscal Education Classes with an instant activity

    An all time favorite of gym class has definitely got to be Kickball. Everyone can play and everyone can have fun doing it! There is a creative twist to the game of kickball, and is definitely one that kids will love to play. It will work with anyone ages 7 and up. Even the high school kids enjoy playing it in gym class! Here's how to play.

    Hula Hut Throw Down is an awesome & fun indoor activity by J.D. Hughes! Some know this activity as castle ball.

    ▶ PE Throwing Game - Hoop Guard - YouTube more at

    Motor Planning with Pool Noodles from www.YourTherapySo...

    Take index cards with all the above activities and put into a shoe box. Then the students come pull out a card and that is the activity they do. Play music and the students will work hard and they love the random by chance what they must do next instead of being told what to do. Just makes it all more fun in the eyes of the students.