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Resources to help create daily physical education lessons

PE Lesson Plan Resources

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Attention Grabbers and a ton of other cool teaching ideas and tools

Free Technology for Teachers: Frequently Overlooked Useful YouTube Features - A PDF Handout

Snail Racing Timer & lots of other fun timers

Dynamite Timer - Great to use when you're timing something in the classroom so that every student can see how much longer they have. This website has a number of different timers.

PE Teachers - Get a Back-To-School Starter Kit to help make your first week back to school a breeze! :)

Class management First days of school activity

2015-206 FULL YEAR of Elementary PE Lesson Plans. Never write another lesson plan again! 40 Weeks - that's 200 Days of PE Activities already planned out for you and your students!! Enjoy Your School Year! :)

Phone app spinner for choosing students. How cool! Turn it into a game.

Fifth Grade Physical Science Activities: How to Make a Bouncy Ball

Homemade Hurdles for Jumping and Motor Planning

Great idea of using old bottles for light weights for elementary students.

Want to help build the ultimate playlists for #physed? Click though and be a part of The #PhysEd Playlist Project!

Pickle Ball Word Wall Display: Skill, Graphics & Game Terms

2015-2016 Elementary PE Lesson Plan Pre-Sale. Full Year of lesson plans for 50% off! Get yours now to lock in half-off savings!

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Frisbee golf game using laundry baskets

This site includes great activities for physical education including this 100 second challenge.

#PhysEd QR Codes Projects: See some of the amazing ways #physed teachers are using QR codes in their teaching and learn how you can get started with your very own project!

PE Basketball Idea: 8 Station Team Challenge! Two of the stations: Top is dribbling and bottom is lay ups.

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