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    PE Lesson Plan Resources

    Resources to help create daily physical education lessons

    PE Lesson Plan Resources

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    Great resources for Phy Ed Teachers!

    PDF of Big, Printable Playing Cards!

    Great website for making your own worksheets, dice, board games, bingo sheets, word searches and many more!

    Want to help build the ultimate playlists for #physed? Click though and be a part of The #PhysEd Playlist Project!

    Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class - Freebie includes quick reference cards for the teacher

    A bunch of ways to use floor tape in your classroom. This is a game changer!

    PE Word Art Poster: "Jump for Joy"

    PE Word Art Poster: "Rock, Paper, Scissors!"

    Keep two hands on the wheel!

    4 Ways to start Phyiscal Education Classes with an instant activity

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    Concept posters for PYP PE.

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    Attention Grabbers and a ton of other cool teaching ideas and tools

    Free Technology for Teachers: Frequently Overlooked Useful YouTube Features - A PDF Handout

    Snail Racing Timer & lots of other fun timers

    Dynamite Timer - Great to use when you're timing something in the classroom so that every student can see how much longer they have. This website has a number of different timers.

    PE Teachers - Get a Back-To-School Starter Kit to help make your first week back to school a breeze! :)

    Class management First days of school activity

    2015-206 FULL YEAR of Elementary PE Lesson Plans. Never write another lesson plan again! 40 Weeks - that's 200 Days of PE Activities already planned out for you and your students!! Enjoy Your School Year! :)

    Phone app spinner for choosing students. How cool! Turn it into a game.

    Fifth Grade Physical Science Activities: How to Make a Bouncy Ball