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Full OR Half Year of Elementary PE Lesson Plans. Never write another lesson plan again! 40 Weeks - that's 200 Days of PE Activities already planned out for you and your students!! Enjoy Your School Year! :)

THE FASTEST SPORT ON 2 FEET!!! The PE Lacrosse Stations are 20 fun filled, "LAX to the MAX" lacrosse-themed station signs/cards that you can use in your school

Lesson Planning – What Does it Look Like in 2016?

Quick Dynamic Warm Up Routine for Runners ~ Runner training for life

THE COOLEST SPORT IN THE WORLD!!! The PE Floor Hockey Stations are 20 fun filled, "Stick to it" hockey-themed station signs/cards that you can use in your

KEEP ON ROCKIN' MY FRIENDS! The following "Rockin" games are a series of fast paced, high energy, large group PE games. These games are tried and true games

K-5 PE Mini-Lesson Plan Pack; includes lesson plans for one month; activity descriptions; NASPE standards and equipment list. Your month is planned!! :)

4 Ways to start Phyiscal Education Classes with an instant activity

SPARK Middle School Physical Education (PE) Lesson Plans.

7 YouTube Channels to Get Kids Moving and Grooving

Carly's PE Games: Basketball Lessons for K-5th grade with Minute Club Warm-Up

Health and Science Poster Bundle: Human Body Facts.- 6 Contemporary Posters

FREE! This is a heart rate lesson to help your students figure their target heart rate zones...It includes posters for your gym or weightroom too. Be sure to check out my year-long P.E. curriculum at:

I would have never thought to do something like this!

This is an example of what I give my Principal for a Daily Lesson Plan for my Physical Education classes. I received the original lesson plan format from a former elementary Physical Education teac...

8 Awesome Educational Infographics for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

In Praise of Think-Pair-Share: Click the image above to go to our 16-minute podcast about the benefits of this strategy and some tips for making the most of it.

Top Apps for Flipping your Classroom or Gym: Part 2 « The Flipped Coach

Simon Says Active Kids FREE printable activity for healthy kids

Lesson Plans for Physical Education Teachers/PE Central

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Christmas PE and Classroom Movement Stations- 21 "Joyous"