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Capper's Farmer
Capper's Farmer
Capper's Farmer

Capper's Farmer

Capper's Farmer updates the tried-and-true methods your grandparents used for cooking, crafting, gardening and so much more.

Plants for the Midwest - Capper's Farmer Magazine

Fruit trees have been a staple of the edible landscape for centuries. Who can deny the satisfaction gained from slicing into a cherry pie made from fruit growing in the backyard, or opening a jar of apple butter that was made from the first crop of a new apple tree? Even a trip to the timber can stock the pantry with native fruits, such as pawpaws and persimmons, if you're lucky enough to beat the raccoons to them. Yet, only a small percentage of us have room in the garden for a fruit tree ...

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This is an old door made into a corner shelf. The back panels were taken out and chicken wire was used. In addition there are barn stars added as well as a door knob. You can purchase this & more from for $85.00

It's time to remember that 'frugal' is not a dirty word. Doing things for ourselves feels good and makes us less dependent on big companies to have a live life. - Capper's Farmer Magazine

Kansan woman recalls her grandma using her apron as an all-purpose pot-lifter, apple carrier, chick rescuer, signal, and shawl during the depression era. - Capper's Farmer Magazine

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