Create an animal or plant...good activity for 2nd grade Science...or fun end of 3rd grade Science. Steps for making an easy diorama.

I Love 2 Teach: Create-an-Animal & Create-a-Plant {freebie}

@ Ben Platt...I think of this everytime I push when I'm supposed to pull or vice versa.

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haa - then you look to see if anyone is watching you...

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Bats Study- are bats birds lesson and kwl version -Fun in First Grade: October 2011#

Fun in First Grade: October 2011

More Bat Activities: I did this one last year and the kids loved it!!

Fun in First Grade: More Bat Activities

Easy steps for making paper with kids (with a printable "recipe" card to file away for later), from

Making Paper with Kids - TinkerLab

The PDF includes a title card and six natural resources (air, water, plants, animals, rock, and soil). I created these because I couldn't find any! Font by Hello Fonts by Jen Jones Clip art from internet search

Natural Resource Cards

What's the matter? Root beer float experiment emergent reader! Perfect for Kindergarten and First Grade. Properties of Matter. $

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Melting Matter - changing states of matter with chocolate - kiddos would love this!

Once Upon a First Grade Adventure

The Second Grade Shuffle: Spooky Science Experiment- Changes in Matter

The Second Grade Shuffle: Spooky Science Experiment

The Techy Teacher: Force and Motion -- Marshmallow Shooters!

The Techy Teacher: Force and Motion -- Marshmallow Shooters!

Nine page research project created with early readers in mind. Perfect for October.$3.00

My First Research Project: Bats

Living and Non-living things video for kids

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state of matter cheerios.pdf

state of matter cheerios.pdf - Google Drive

The Scientific Method Song is a science song that teaches the seven steps of the scientific method.

Scientific Method Song - Have Fun Teaching

Scientific - I like this version better because it has visuals

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This is hysterical and stays in your head! I love it when teachers a just a little crazy!!!

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Magnetic items go on magnet and non-magnetic items go on sentence strip away from magnet. Mrs. Richardson's Class: science

Mrs. Richardson's Class: science

The 5 Senses Song song by Dr Jean Feldman video by Mr Harry mp4

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Plant journal

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Earth day project...Super cute

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Zoo Passport printables with pictures of animals kids can check off as they go

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Comparing how strong an ant is to a person.

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How & Why rain happens -Lesson for Kids -School Education Video

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Gummy worm science on Indiana Fox 59 morning news

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