posing mistakes and how to avoid them

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips

Article about posing mistakes-GREAT article and I agree with ALL the tips on posing women! (If you're not a photog, great tips for how to pose yourself. Very helpful!) I love the painted yellow chair!

Great tips and app suggestions for taking better smartphone photos in the New Year!

Favorite Phone Camera Apps + Tips

Great tips and app suggestions for taking better smartphone photos!

Favorite Phone Camera Apps + Tips

Simple DIY Photo Light Box -- cc @David Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Dial | Spiced

DIY Photo Light Box - a finish fifty project

flax & twine: DIY Photo Light Box - A Finish Fifty Project - You're creative, you create new things every day, you sell them, want to show them. need better photos. So you need a Light Box

simple as that: Embrace the Camera + Free Photo Checklist

50 Photos to Take with your Kids Free Photo Checklist

Embrace the Camera 50 Photos to Take With Your Kids + Free Photo Checklist - simple as that

50 family poses!

50 Outstanding Examples Of Family Photographs - love photos like this one that aren't so traditional and really show the true nature of family.

How to Take your Own Family Pictures, along with a series of  where to take pictures, what to wear, how to enjoy, and decorate with pictures.  www.KristenDuke.com #photography #photos

How to Take your Own Family Pictures

How to Take your own Family Pictures, including tips on what to wear in photos, and how to decorate with pictures ~ photography

photo backdrop

Make your own colorful photo backdrop with recycled tissue paper. Could be a fun idea to do a photo booth with a creative backdrop at the reception so you can get pictures of everyone.