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Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame

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The reason men call women terrible drivers... yes, please cause an accident because if you look good, it doesn't matter. stupid.

What is the need or appeal??? gartered stockings

...not ok

Well that's creepy.

why would you want your head to look like a basket?

Ab-Hancer. "Fits beneath clothing." hahahaha

Oh my pregnant Barbie! This scares me!!

These are pretty hideous...

Ricky Lindsay Esperanza Haute Couture Rainbow by FavrileFinds, $2997.00< You couldn't pay ME to wear this rainbow tulle mess

Once again someone makes a wreath that will become a sticky mess...this time with Peeps. Yuckk

Sooo...someone messes up sewing a shirt together and decides it's a good idea to sell it?

Wearable Mobile Sleeping Bag...AKA a snowsuit. When will people stop trying to make blankets into clothing??

really? a box of cereal? at the altar?

Is this what the world has come to?

If your hair can be described as "crispy" it's time to ease up on the hair spray.

That is quite a contraption for your toothpaste. Wouldn't a binder clip do?

Type n Walk App on iTunes. OR you could, I dunno, look up while you walk!

This is the most frightening thing I've seen all day.

Ahh if I had a nickel for every time I wished I owned one of these...

Who naps standing up? That thing is enormous too

How are you upright???

Glow in the dark Toilet Paper.


SO AWKWARD. stop it.

did this come from the ribbon section of a craft store?